Terms & Conditions for Booking Stalls

World Spice Congress: 2023
15-17thSept, 2023
CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Navi Mumbai

Terms and Conditions for Booking stall

  1. Exhibition Stall will be allotted to the Indian Spice Industry to show case the capability of the Spice industry by placing Spices and Spice products. Limited stalls will be available for allotment to service providers of Spices Industry.  Registration as delegate for WSC is mandatory for booking the exhibition stalls.
  2. Exhibition Stalls are reserved for State Government/ State-Central Govt Institutions involved for the development of the spice industry. Booking of the Stall reserved in the state pavilion will be on manual mode. The application form for booking the stall is available under the menu ‘Exhibition’ in the WSC website
  3. In the case of Spice Industry and Service providers, the stalls can be booked through online by selecting the stall no. available for allotment (Green Colour) at choice of the applicant and payment of the registration fee shall be paid through the payment gateway. Upon successful payment, the selected stall will be allotted.
  4. On realisation of the payment, confirmation of the allotment along with copies of the Passes for the personnel representing the Stall and GST invoice will be issued to the registered email id.
  5. The copy of the passes issued through email should be submitted to the organiser upon handing over the Exhibition stall for issuing the original Passes.
  6. Any change in the name of the accompanying person already registered has to be informed to the organiser at least 5 days prior to the event for issuing the new passes at the time of handing over the stall. 
  7. Each exhibitor will be issued two passes for those who man the stall. These passes are valid only for the exhibition hall. 
  8. The Exhibitor Pass-holders are entitled to have lunch and dinner and cultural events on the dates of the Congress. The exhibitor Pass holder shall not be permitted to participate in the Business Sessions.
  9. Those who man the stall should wear WSC Exhibitor Pass at all time during the event. The accompanying person without pass will not be allowed to enter in to the exhibition hall and for Lunch/ Dinner. 
  10. Allotment of stalls shall be on first cum first served basis up on receipt of the payment through payment gateway. Stall registration will be open until the entire stalls are allotted or up to 31.08.2023 whichever is earlier
  11. The stall shall be used only by the applicant and is non-transferable. The Stall registration fee does not include accommodation or airport pick up or local transfers.
  12. Stalls can be booked either as Shell Scheme or Bare space of dimensions 4m x 3m or 3m x 3m.
  13. Exhibitors opting for Bare Space scheme has to submit their Stall Design for approval before 10th Sept, 2023.
  14. For bare spaces scheme, the stall space will be handed over to the Exhibitors for construction on 13.09.2023 at 06.00 pm and the Exhibitor has to make arrangement to dismantle the stall on 17.09.2023.
  15. In the case of shell scheme, the ready built stall will be handed over to the Exhibitors on 14/09/2023 by 12 noon. 
  16. Furnishing of stall allotted if any shall be completed and all materials that are not for use should be removed from the stall by 07.00 am on 15/09/2023.
  17. Heavy machinery for display needs to get the prior permission from WSC and concurrence of the exhibition centre for placing and operating the same. Requirement of additional electric power, if any may be obtained from the Official Stall contractor on extra cost
  18. Size of the ready built stall (shell scheme) will be 3x3M x 8ft Height & 4x3M x 8ft Height with front maxi.  
  19. The stalls once allotted through online will not be changed/cancelled. However, if any of the allottee is willing to surrender the stall allotted, the same has to be informed to the Organiser on or before 31.08.2023. In case of surrender up to 31.08.2023, 50% of the base amount of registration fee will be refunded.  GST component once paid will be final and non-refundable
  20. In the case of any payment failure occur while booking the stall due to technical reasons, the refund will be arranged by the respective bank within 7 working days. WSC will not be responsible for such failure cases at any cost.
  21. However, if the payment became successful and credited into WSC account, but the stall allotment is failed due to technical reasons, the refund will be arranged by WSC within 7 days to the respective account. In such cases, the applicant has to resubmit the application through online portal by remitting the required fee through payment gateway. 
  22. Each shell scheme stall will be provided with following facilities:
    1. 3x3 M Size – One display Table, one round table, four chairs, four numbers of wall mounted shelves, four spot lights, one plug point 5- or 15-amp, one dust bin and carpeting  
    2. 4x3 M Size – Two display Table, one round table, five chairs, five numbers wall mounted shelves, six spot lights, one plug point 5- or 15-amp, one dust bin and carpeting 
    3. Any additional items required for shell scheme stalls; the exhibitors may contact the official vendor who constructed the stall for WSC. The Official vendor will provide the additional items at the cost agreed and the exhibitor may make the payment of such additional items directly to the vendor.
    4. Uniform fascia will be provided for each stall. However, exhibitors are free to bring and display their own fascia with their company name as indicated while booking the stall and the stall number is correctly displayed in the fascia
    5. Those who are taking base space may construct the stall through any vendor at their choice. However, those who are constructing the stall at their choice shall submit the design of the stall to the Organiser before 10.09.2023 for approval
  23. Show Timings: 09:00am-06:00pm on 15th & 16th Sept & 09:00am-02:00pm on 17th Sept. The Exhibitors shall adhere to the timing’s, terms and conditions and advisories of the Organizer
  24. Details of the companies participating in the exhibition will be published in the Delegates/Exhibitors’ Directory which will be published through web and mobile App of WSC. 
  25. The exhibits/products intended for display must conform to international standards and all exhibits must be displayed within the stall allotted to the Exhibitor.
  26. The exhibitor may distribute only promotional materials and spices samples and shall not sell any product at the stall.
  27. No nailing is permitted in the Panels used for construction of the stall. All the branding material has to be fixed in the Panels by using the double side/ other similar adhesive tape.
  28. The Exhibitor shall be liable to pay for any damages caused to the stall or equipment allotted to him. Any such damages shall be assessed by the Organizers in consultation with the Official contractor and the decision of the organiser on the charges to be paid by the Exhibitor shall be final.
  29. The Organiser of the WSC, 2023 will not be responsible for any damage/loss of any article/property kept in the stall by the Exhibitor.
  30. The Organizers reserve the right to make such changes in stall position, site layout, floor plan and other details as they consider fit in the overall interest, ground reality, safety precautions of the exhibition and adhering to the norms of the Local Governing body, if any.
  31. For more details, please contact exhibition@worldspicecongress.com